Thursday, August 11, 2005

Adults ignore illustrations of dope and bosoms in favor of written paragraphs about dope and bosoms

As far as literate adults are concerned, comic books have gotten into mass circulation unnoticed. A best seller for adults which is distributed in 10,000 copies or so is discussed in learned book reviews for its art, its technique, its plot, its social significance. A crime comic book is printed in from 250,000 to 500,000 or more copies, and most copies are read by several children, and exchanged, sold, retraded. However, these books are not reviewed or taken notice of.

It has been said by experts of the industry that children have to learn about the life around them, and that for this comic books are a big help. Do children really have to learn this sort of thing, and in the way? Here is a comic book whose cover bears the slogan: "Every word true!" Inside is an orgy of brutality, crime, aforementioned "dope selling," men tortured, girls with half-bared aforementioned bosoms, pictures of men stabbed in the stomach, shot, their arms twisted and, of course, an advertisement with a half-page picture of a gun.