Saturday, July 09, 2005

Willie pt. 3

The Lafargue Clinic has some of Willie's comic books. They are before me as I am writing this, smudgingly printed and well thumbed, just as he used to pore over them with his weak eyes. Here is the lecherous-looking bandit overpowering the attractive girl who is dressed (if that is the word) for very hot weather ("She could come in handy, then! Pretty little spitfire, eh!") in the typical pre-rape position. Later he threatens to kill her:
"Yeah, it's us, you monkeys, and we got an old friend of your here . . . Now unless you want to see somp'n FATAL happen to her, u're gonna kiss that gold goodbye and lam out of here!"
Here is violence galore, violence in the beginning, in the middle, at the end:
(This is an actual sequence of six pictures illustrating brutal fighting, until in the seventh picture: "He's out cold!")