Monday, July 25, 2005

Filthy men, women, lovers, girls, ducks, and mice

As my work continues, I have established the basic ingredients of the most numerous and widely read comic books:
1) violence
sadism and cruelty
- and -
the superman philosophy, an offshoot of Nietzsche's superman who said, "When you go to women, don't forget the whip."
I have also found that what seemed at first a problem in child psychology has much wider implications. Why does our civilization give to the child not its best but its worst, in paper, in language, in art, in ideas? What is the social meaning of these supermen, superwomen, super-lovers, super-boys, supergirls, super-ducks, super-mice, super-magicians, super-safecrackers? How did Nietzsche get into the nursery?