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All delegates are being handed a comic book with illustrations and text like those seen below.

Complete article on this travesty here.


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The human debris responsible for this ‘responsible journalism art’ is this a**hole:


http://www.ep.tc/intro-archive024.html warning–this URL is X-rated and unexpurgated.

Nice, real nice. Shows you how desperate the Dems are and the kind of trash that supports them. But what did we expect from the type of slime that support the murder of infants in the womb. Al Czervic.


1. LEO - August 27, 2008

What a disgusting lowdown attempt at a smear. This is restroom-wall stuff. Ten to one the imbecile who drew this is on the perv list

2. MamaL - August 27, 2008

Yuk! It’s not even good art. I smell losers out there.

3. Joe Blahb - August 27, 2008

Absolutely disgusting. Of course it appeals to the Young Dem crowd.

4. .357 Magnum - August 27, 2008

Typical. They must have run out of toilet paper. Good use for this book.

5. Andy the Redneck - August 28, 2008

Al: Thanks for posting this. It is repulsive to look at, but adults have to deal with the situation at hand. These people are truly sick. God help us all if the Dems win, and further cave to that wing of their party.

I don’t know Al…maybe Obama will get waxed, and the Dems will finally move away from their Cretan wing. My prayers aren’t worth much these days, but they are with McCain, and the Republican congressional candidates.

6. Commentator - August 28, 2008

Andy: All prayers are welcomed. As my Jewish wife says (and I love her dearly) “It can’t hurt”.

Thanks for your input. Hopefully not all the delegates receiving this material are reading it. If you can stomach the thought, go to the guy’s website listed in the posting. It’s like going through the sewers of Paris in a glass-bottomed boat. The author is completely crazed and of course, a Bush-hater.


7. Andy the Redneck - August 28, 2008

Al: You wrote “it can’t hurt.” You don’t know me well. My prayers for healing can kill a healthy man.

Back to the post…It took me a good while to figure it out. It looked like Bush was having sex with Jimmy Carter to me. Maybe it’s just me, but the “artist” seemed to make McCain look too much like Jimmuh (like I said…it took a good while for my old brain to figure it out, and maybe it’s just me.).

Heck, he may have done that on purpose. Who knows???? These deranged “artists” live in their own dimension.

8. Commentator - August 28, 2008

The art leaves a lot to be desired, but, considering that it was probably done under the influence of several mind-altering drugs, it’s passable.

Laughable as well.

If this is the best they can come up with, they’re cooked.