Monday, September 05, 2005


This Superman—Batman—Wonder Woman group is a special form of crime comics. The gun advertisements are elaborate and realistic. In one story a foreign-looking scientist starts a greenshirt movement. Several boys told me they thought he looked like Einstein. No person and no democratic agency can stop him. It requires the female superman, the Wonder Woman. One picture shows the scientist addressing a public meeting:

"So, my fellow American, it is time to give America back to Americans! Don't let foreigners take your jobs!"

Member of the audience: "He's right!"

Another, applauding: "YEAHHHH!"

The Supermen type of comic books tends to force and superforce. Dr. Paul A. Witty, professor of education at Northwestern University, has well described these comics when he said that they "present our world in a kind of Fascist setting of violence and hate and destruction. I think it is bad for children," he goes on, "to get that kind of recurring diet . . . [they] place too much emphasis on a Fascist society. Therefore the democratic ideals that we should seek are likely to be overlooked."