The 1936 Anti-Roosevelt
Alf Landon Fake Dollar Bill



front of bill

The 1936 Anti-Roosevelt Fake Dollar Bill
Produced during the 1936 U.S. Presidential Election by Franklin Roosevelt’s opponent Alf Landon (Republican from Kansas).

Bill is titled "New Deal 'Sound' Mazuma" at top and values itself: "Gold Content 0,000,000,000 Grs. per Billion". Item is critical of New Deal recovery programs (Social Security, WPA, SEC, others) and promises a return to horse and buggy days, enslavement, clowns shoveling away money, other metaphors.

Alf Landon was a wealthy oil man, relatively unaffected by the Depression. Landon was defeated by a landslide, but the materials produced during the 1936 election remain as an example of the still-present doomsday rhetoric that often appears as opposition to a restructing of American social or economic culture.

Sidenotes: 1) Bill is titled "New Deal 'Sound' Mazuma". Mazuma is Yiddish slang for money. 2) The “N-R-A” on the back side refers to the National Recovery Administration. —


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