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You are reading issue No. 121 - featuring HOWARD STERN'S PRIVATE PARTS and THE DEATH OF FRANK ZAPPA (dedication) - Winter, 1994
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WINTER 1994 CONTENTS: Page 01: MICHAEL JACKSON'S PRIVATE PARTS by Paul Krassner and HOWARD STERN'S PRIVATE PARTS by Will Durst -- Page 02: COURT JESTER - My Cannabis Cup Runneth Over (6th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, originally intended for Time Magazine) - Paul Krassner's Private Parts - The Velcro Conspiracy -- Page 03: NO OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE NECESSARY by Lane Sarasohn and TWISTED IMAGE by Ace Backwards -- Page 04 -- Page 05: CULTURAL JETLAG by Jim Siergey and Tom Roberts -- Page 06: PILGRIMAGE TO CUBA by Marv Davidov and CLONED AGAIN ... AND AGAIN ... AND AGAIN by Marc Maron -- Page 07: I REMEMBER SHEENA by Carol Hatfield and A CONSTITUTIONAL BAN ON OFF-KEY SINGING by Jeff Cohen -- Back Cover: MEDIA FREAK - Swords Into Ploughshares (from Newsweek) - The Pentagon Meditation Club (from Yoga Journal) - Sexual Political Correctness - Just Ask Isadora - Filler Items - Rest In Weirdness (Death of Frank Zappa) and One of the Doonesbury Strips the Los Angeles Times Decided Not to Publish

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