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You are reading issue No. 109 - Including THE TRIAL OF OLIVER NORTH, NUDE NOSE NOW NEWS and PILLOW TALK - Spring, 1989
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SPRING 1989 CONTENTS: Page 01: THE TRIAL OF OLIVER NORTH -- Page 02: COURT JESTER - Truth in Cartooning - The Satanic Screenplays -- Page 03: NEW AGE SKEPTICS by Ted Schultz -- Page 04: DAN QUAYLE IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS by Matt Newman with GEORGIE WE HARDLY KNEW YE (Murder Dan Quayle in Cold Blood) -- Page 05: PILLOW TALK by Nancy Cain and NUDE NOSE NOW NEWS -- Page 06: CIVIL WRONGS by Stew Albert with THE CASE OF THE NON-EXISTENT BABY -- Page 07: SYMPATHY FOR THE WHITE DEVIL by Casey McCabe -- Back Cover: MEDIA FREAK

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