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You are reading issue No. 101 - Including NEW EVIDENCE IN THE KILLING OF BOBBY KENNEDY - May-June, 1986
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MAY/JUNE 1986 "The Fetus Boomers" CONTENTS: Page 01: HOW CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE BEWEEN AFFECTION AND CUDDLING? -- Page 02: COURT JESTER -- Page 03: THE PUNKING OF AMERICA by Kalynn Campbell -- Page 04: NEW EVIDENCE IN THE KILLING OF BOBBY KENNEDY (art by Robert Grossman) -- Page 05: NEWS -- Page 06: OUT OF AFRICA: Part II by Robert Myers - and BUMPS IN THE LATE NIGHT -- Page 07: THE FINAL DRUG SOLUTION by Bill Helmer and THE GREAT FETUS CONSPIRACY by Lynn Phillips -- Back Cover: DON'T GIVE ME SHELTER by Janet Bode and MEDIA FREAK

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