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MADONNA: Who's that Girl? On AIDS

20 pages, 1987
Full color newsprint with glossy covers.

PROBLEM(s) DEALT WITH: AIDS, Stds, lifestyle, etc

Handed out one night only at a 1987 Madonna concert in Madison Square Garden

Here is the first draft of Madonna's introductory note:

compare to the printed final piece

compiled from Haloscan comments and email:

I like your solution with the cover illustration for this issue. It says to me: "Have a little AIDS? Why not just sprinkle a little Madonna on it, that should cure it!"

FABULOUS 4EVR - NYC | 10.16.06 - 11:04 am | #

[Ha, Hey Fabulous - Thanks. Yes that's true - there is little in this world that can not be solved by sprinkling a little Madonna on it.
She puts the holla' in kabbalah - Ethan]

How many people do you think read this AIDS comic at the Madonna concert? I'm sure one of these copies ended up as a target in the urinal.

Terrence Hall | 10.20.06 - 12:35 pm | #

Four words for panel two, page 10:


Susan loves Heroin and Boozing | 10.08.06 - 7:25 pm | #

Hey Madgey - Me and Oprah have teamed up like Interracial Wonder Twins, and are in the game now too. Suck it! - BONO, OPRAH PROMOTE NEW iPOD TO FIGHT AIDS - Bitch!

Bono from U2, world famous min | 10.16.06 - 1:50 pm | #

Yeah - about that cover .....If Madonna covered me in a costume like that I wouldn't be hungry for eggs and bacon either. No matter how much she stared at me.

Plus ten points for the head mic.

Sharon from Montana | 10.16.06 - 3:19 pm | #

Also, Hi Bono!

Sharon from Montana | 10.16.06 - 3:20 pm | #

Hey - what's up with the subversively hidden Hammer and Sickle in the audience there on page 17? Screw AIDS, there's a commie in the CROWD!!! RUN!!! KILL!!!

J.E.Hoover McCarthey | 10.18.06 - 4:26 pm | #

> She puts the holla' in kabbalah

Stop it STOP IT, you'll make me spit matzah all over this gefilte.

Sheyner Ponim | 10.20.06 - 1:50 pm | #

God awful way to start a story, that bit of dialogue sure is.

Thomas G - Atlanta | 10.20.06 - 4:43 pm | #

Page 7, on the podium:

Is that Stan Lee?
Is that Charles Nelson Reilly?

TDempster | 10.25.06 - 11:37 am | #

Interesting that almost all the magazines listed on the back as sponsors of this comic virtually ignored AIDS as a disease when it first showed up.

SimonLW | 10.25.06 - 3:35 pm | #

I wonder if Madonna will give this comic to her newly adopted/purchased African Black Boy Baby.

Paul | 10.26.06 - 3:41 pm |

I want to comment on COMICS WITH PROBLEMS #4 but the comments are closed there so I'm posting something here which seems like the most similar issue.

Anyway what I wanted to say is, as awful and pun-laden as that book is, they inexcusably missed an GOLDEN opportunity to be even more awful with the title. Instead of "VD CLAPTRAP: FIRST TRIP TO VENUS" they should have called it "FIRST TRIP TO URANUS"

Thank you I'm here all week!

Karl Rove | 02.01.07 - 10:25 am | #

Is it inappropriate to mention that when I see the announcer guy on stage I can think only of the blowjob from Police Academy, with the hooker hidden in the podium?

Paul | 02.05.07 - 3:41 pm
| #


A theatre in Florida had to change the title of a charity production of The Vagina Monologues on its marquee, after a woman complained that it was offensive. They decided on 'The Hoohaa Monologues'. Atlantic Theatres in Atlantic Beach, Florida, received a complaint from a woman who'd seen the advertised title as she drove past with her niece. She said that it had made her niece ask her what a vagina was. The theatre's Bryce Pfanenstiel commented: 'I'm on the phone and asked “What did you tell her?” She's like, “I'm offended I had to answer the question.”' ... (newslink)

Associated Press | 02.09.07 - 11:24 am | #


Still, though, I'm not resolved. I personally find the word 'monologues' much more offensive than the other one that rhymes with angina. I know what angina is so any word that rhymes with it is A-OKAY with ME. Pat Robertson has angina, a beautiful one.

But Monologues ... I mean what does that mean? Mono? and LOGUES? What if my daughter asks me what a LOGUE is??? Is that something I'd have to squat down over a handheld mirror to see?? YOU ARE NOT GETTING ME TO DO THAT YOU FILTHY RAPING PEREVRT! I know there are cameras in the handheld mirrors. I know this! Personally I've never had mono -- BUT I KNOW WHAT IT IS!! It's the KISSING DISEASE - fucking filthy tongues and lips, is what! But I have never seen my Logue, and .... well I'm too disgusted right now to continue, really. Just know that I'm disgusted about this word monologue, and if I ever see it on a marquee know that my Senator is getting a PRETTY FUCKING TERSE LETTER ABOUT IT.

I think a perfect re-titling would be the Hoohaw Talkies. That's nice. Or how about the Hoohaw Heehaws. Yes, that makes me much happier. Like the olden times.

I like olden times. They're like shiny candy without all that grit. I'm smiling now.

Mildred | 02.09.07 - 11:40 am | #

With the Good Logue as your Witness,
you'll make it through Mildred.

Friendly Neighbor | 02.09.07 - 2:47 pm | #

Love the hooking on page 14

Sally | 02.14.07 - 1:42 pm | #

Nice Dykes Bar on the panel right beneath it, too.

Sally | 02.14.07 - 1:56 pm | #

Well, I for one am glad I read this publication. It turns out that I can have casual sex with all of the doctors, dentists, hairdressers, and barbers I want, because "there is no record of anyone getting AIDS from" anyone in these professions.
Thank you, Madonna.

That one guy | 03.17.07 - 9:24 pm | #

Panel 1, Page 17 amuses me for a number of reasons. To list:

1) "It Won't Happen to Me!" - Note he's got a bit of a boner while he's saying that. Risktaker. Sadist. Fool!

2) "Boy is He Wrong" - This friend sounds confidently informed of something - Could it be that it's because he has AIDS and is in the process of casually fucking his friend in the rear!?? Directly in public, in front of a reporter.


3) Comments 1 and 2 make the video camera suddenly very snuff-seeming. And note the peeping tom in the back enjoying the show.

Friendly Neighbor | 04.19.07 - 6:27 pm | #

> peeping TOM

What?? Cause He's Black???? THAT'S RACIST!!!

advocate | 06.07.07 - 6:40 pm | #

> casual sex with dentist

I hear their swingers club is The Dental Dam.

confidentially yours | 06.12.07 - 1:40 pm | #

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