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Comics with Problems Issue #28 - a tribute to dick hafer, entitled dick hafer was an asshole
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208 page report on gay lifestyle and related concerns. Written and drawn by Dick Hafer, aka 'the comics commando' (born 1937 died 2003)

This is a twenty page excerpt focusing on Hafer's church-supported views of gay lifestyle and related physical acts. First in a Comics With Problems series on Dick Hafer.

PROBLEM(S) DEALT WITH: We'd rather not discuss it.

More soon!



208 page report on gay lifestyle and related concerns. Written and drawn by Dick Hafer, aka 'the comics commando' (born 1937 died 2003)

This is a twenty page excerpt focusing on Hafer's church-supported views of gay lifestyle and related physical acts. First in a Comics With Problems series on Dick Hafer.

PROBLEM(S) DEALT WITH: We'd rather not discuss it.

Hilarious! I love that he's equally offended by normal sex acts as much as he is by 'gay' ones. Were straight people in 1986 seriously this terrified of kissing and getting blowjobs?

Were straight people in 1986 seriously this terrified of kissing and getting blowjobs?

Yeah ... this page treats oral sex like some soil sample from the planet mars.

"most homosexual encounters involve fellatio .... which involves the insertion of the penis into the mouth of the partner, who manipulates the organ to climax."

How foreign, disgusting and STRANGE this must sound to heterosexual couples! Surely no wife in her right mind would...

"soil sample from the planet mars."

Don't you mean Uranus? I'm here all week folks!

> Surely no wife in her right mind would...

And of course no husband would ever think to ask his wife to be....

It really is funny that many of the practices that were mention as being practices by gays are practiced by heterosexual couples.

This reads like an anti-food cookbook where the critic labors endlessly to negatively describe the succulent sauce, the disgusting mouth watering onions, the terribly sinful noodles. The horror of it all!

He wants none of it! Which is just to say it reads like he's fantasizing on every page.

yeah you're right

but if I were to pick an item he's obsessed with, it'd be raspberries.

Wow. Talk about gay hysteria. That fucking guy MOS DEF has a serious closet-case thing working. "Sodomites"? What a fucking idiot. Who is/was that clown? Obviously someone who wanted a hard fist in their asshole, but wouldn't let themselves go all the way. Really, do you have any biographical info on that person, or whoever was behind that (no pun intended)?

Sheesh. Our species makes me vomit. Maybe of all the "comics with problems" that you've posted, that one is THE most irritating; not only for the idiotic, hysteric content, but also for that incredibly lame and pathetic drawing style that that person was so proud of as to sign with a stylish signature. Makes me want to stalk and rape that guy with a chainsaw, if he's still alive, and if he's dead, dig him up and violate his leftover goo on his descendent's front lawn.

'alternate' deathstyle?

How silly. Shouldn't that be 'alternative'? Being gay isn't like being a replaceable teammate in volleyball.

Why is everyone being so mean?

Gravatar Heh. Makes you wonder exactly how he did his 'research' for all of this.

Gravatar As a junior high school student in the very early 1970s, I was subjected to a slightly sanitized version of this by Mr Reich, the Health teacher at Fort Lee (NJ) Intermediate School. When he got to the section on sexuality, he informed us that homosexuals were sick individuals who took part in perverse practices, such as inserting a lightbulb in the rectum. How reassuring (ahem) to see that, 15 years later, the lightbulb canard was still in play.

I, like the other commenters, was also struck by Hafer's horror of any sex act other than strictly missionary. Poor guy! He never got a blow job? No wonder he was so full of hatred and anger!

Of course, the real tragedy is that, over 20 years later, we still have people who believe all the things Hafer wrote about here...

Gravatar it's comedy. it's got to be...

"kissing ... aarrgh!"

"as you may imagine, saliva contains many germs and substances not normally found in the rectum"


the dude blocking his ear with garbage can lids and throwing up in mail boxes.

"how far do they insert their fist?"
"pretty far."

it's absolute gold. i want a copy.

Gravatar I wish some one would swallow MY seminal fluid...

Gravatar Hmmm...I know this guy's a supreme asshat and all, but I couldn't help but get a bit aroused when he was describing in delightfully horrified detail all my favorite sex acts. Hurray for fellatio! Anal for all! Rimming rocks!

As a hetero female, I'm proud to be "perverted!"

Gravatar Why is everyone being so mean?

Oh stick a broom up your ass, Sherry.

Gravatar A heterosexual's first sexual experience tends to be with a partner of the opposite sex, while a homosexual's is probably with a person of the same sex! Wow! Incontrovertible proof that... people tend to seek their first sex with someone to whom they're attracted. Shocking.

Dick seems to have admired Peanuts featuring good ol' Charlie Brown. "Good grief."

Wait up. The masochist guy on page 24 who says "we're just like everyone else..." (6) Isn't that a young GWB?

Good grief!

Gravatar More like Dick Hater amirite?

"kissing ... aarrgh!"

Gravatar I love that the first two "perverted" acts he describes are kissing and fellatio. 'Cause, y'know, straight people don't do sick shit like that!

Gravatar I love the Scrubs episode where the guy gets the lightbulb up his arse.

You know, the straight guy?

Gravatar did this guy have hidden cameras set up in bath houses? wonder how he got such an accurate description of the goings on of.....oh.

Gravatar I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. If only we could cure the world of ignorance with hot gay sex.

Gravatar I personally don't enjoy blow jobs that much, but I sure love cunnilingus.
This is sad, really. I've experimented with both sexes, and I don't consider myself to be homosexual, nor strictly heterosexual either, I would say we are just sexual beings.
Go crazy kids!

Gravatar That is wild stuff. He sure spent a lot of time thinking about homosexuals.

Gravatar Hooray he's dead. One of the few people I'm glad the world has gotten rid of. I hope he's in heaven now, practicing celibacy with angels.

Gravatar I must clearly be missing out. I mean, as a gay man I've never enjoyed a golden shower, fisting, torture. I also appear to be not having as much gratuitous sex as I should be.

But yes, I do dabble in the horrific and dangerous activity known as KISSING!!!!

Gravatar "Why two of 'em even handle food!
Is that safe?!!

Probably not....and we'll address that in a few minutes."

Because as everyone knows, gay people don't wash their hands after fisting an underaged sodomite.

Gravatar Funny and Ridiculous!

Also, strangely relevant. This stuff might seem dated and forgotten but it's still swirling in the GOP pudding. Regurgitated from as recent as five years ago:

San Francisco Chronicle, January 2003:
Gays shocked at Bush choice for AIDS panel
Appointee calls homosexuality a 'deathstyle'

President Bush has selected Jerry Thacker, a Pennsylvania marketing consultant who has characterized AIDS as the "gay plague" and called homosexuality a "deathstyle," to serve on the Presidential Advisory Commission on HIV and AIDS. (link)

Gravatar "This stuff might seem dated and forgotten but it's still swirling in the GOP pudding."

Yeah, I think the first reaction is that this garbage belongs best forgotten and in the trash but it's important to document this stuff because it does repeat - and without documentation, each time it repeats feels like a first appearance of these ideas. The obsessive hate is fascinating too on a level. And this one has cute pictures!

Gravatar Put aside any personal beliefs about the subject first. Then put aside the rough writing and slanted tone.

Viewed from a neutral perspective what exactly is false about what this story is about?

Don't fire back WITH ALL CAPS or go down the flamewar path to respond, but think about it first.... to ask the question again - what exactly is false about this story?

Gravatar Well, John W, for one, gay men DON'T put lightbulbs up their asses. I've been telling my gay friends about that line for 30 years, and I've yet to meet one who wasn't stunned at the notion. I mean, they BREAK.

But, what's more important, does it matter if what he's saying is false or not? Isn't the "slanted tone" the whole point? If you write a comic that demonizes Jews because they don't believe Jesus was the son of god--well, it's true that Jews don't believe that Jesus was the son of god. But it doesn't merit being greeted by a character vomiting in disgust.

Prejudice, JohnW, often consists of hating people precisely because of what is true about them. The tone is the message. If you believe that homosexuals really shouldn't be allowed to work around food because they exchange bodily fluids (which all sexual beings do, last I checked) then you are creating a dangerous environment of hostility.

Gravatar Karen Green is pretty cool.

My first reaction to JohnW's strange request is along the lines of 'for starters one doesn't emphasize puking in garbage cans when presenting an objective argument.'

Or would it be just as reasonable to make a book called HETEROSEXUALITY: LUNCH LOSING VOMITOUS BARFSTYLE ?

Gravatar Aw, shucks, Homorectus--thanks!

Gravatar First, to be clear... I grew up in a pretty well known gay town near the beach. I had a gay man in my wedding party so I'm neither waiving or burning the rainbow flag here. OK, so far we have lightbulb in the can issues. Can't argue with that. I'ts stupid. As to the food prep argument... it's neither here nor there. No matter the origin, you don't always want people with ACTIVE STD's in the food prep business. Sure, Herpes is one thing, raging Syph is another. Simply look at the STD rates AS A PERCENTAGE of the sexually active population group and most studies show those in the gay lifestyle are prone to STD's. We have a character that pukes. That goes to the tone and nature of the article, not to the facts presented. There is a general discussion about hatred and prejudice...again something having to do with the tone of the article. So far, one item (and i'm sure there are others...) that is stupid, but is that all you can find? Put aside your preconceived positions and ask yourself again what is not factual about this cartoon?

Should active gay people be discriminated? Nope.

Facts are to liberals as kryptonite is to Superman.

Gravatar Dick, sweetie, a Sodomite is someone who lives in Sodom. We're sodomists!

Gravatar Facts are to liberals as kryptonite is to Superman.

JohnW - I'm more curious about what part of this presentation you feel is so worth defending.

Gravatar Are you trolling: Defending isn't quite the way I'd put it. There is a great deal of hysteria on both sides of the issue. The right and the left are flaming each evidenced first by the cartoon and second by the responses. I cannot expect anyone to read this cartoon without some measure of bias, but taking the harsh words out ( the rough "sodomite", for example on the right, the softer "gay" on the left - perhaps using simply the clinical "homosexual" instead) I'm asking for those who support this lifestyle to ignore the heat and simply rebut the facts as presented.

Sure the medium is silly and stupid... but are the basic facts untrue? If so, which ones?

Gravatar Facts are to liberals as kryptonite is to Superman.

Seriously? You say something this troll-like and then you expect us to enter into a civil discussion with you?

I confess I'm still curious, though, as to why you want to know if the facts are disputable or not. What is it that you want to establish? That, as long as you're speaking the truth, it doesn't matter if you do so in a way to inspire hatred in others? You seem to have missed my point completely.

And, incidentally, the comic wasn't arguing that people with active STDs shouldn't work around food; it was arguing that people who indulge in homosexual practices shouldn't work around food. Your saying that there is a higher percentage of STDs among homosexuals (and I would REALLY like to see the study that backs that up) is no better than racial profiling: there are more African-Americans than Caucasians in our jails, so we have the right to deny African-Americans their right to avoid unreasonable search and seizure.

Congratulations on your gay friend. Why don't you ask HIM about this comic, instead of us strangers?

Gravatar John! There is no 'homosexual lifestyle'. There are just men that fancy men, women that fancy women, and men and women that fancy each other. And what these people do in private isn't for you to think about. I don't understand why being gay is a moral issue. It's as arbitrary and weird as deciding to debate on whether people should be able to eat bread or not.

Gravatar Karen Green.. I haven't missed your point. You have missed mine. We can argue all we want about who is in jail or not, but that isn't the question. What has been presented here is rough. No doubt about it. Push aside the rough part and ask yourself as clinically as possible: what is factually incorrect about what this cartoon says? As for the studies, they exist. I can send you a link from the CDC. Would it change your mind? I doubt it, but the evidence is there if you want it.

Gillian - It's pretty clear that people can drift in and out of a homosexual lifestyle. That means that for now the establishment of any homosexual attraction is by choice and not by genetics. I say "for now" because what research that has been done on any biological compusion (not tendencies - we all have them, but compulsion) towards homosexuality is paper thin and often highly biased. One can fairly say that for now, it appears that it is a choice, not a fate, as some would put it.

So far if you re-read I have not passed judgement on anyones personal decisions so the "what people do in private" argument is an EPIC FAIL.

Discuss and question is all I'm asking. Refrain from straw man arguments and perhaps we can speak civily about things.

Gravatar Hmm. Well, JohnW, I'm actually impressed, 'cause I expected the real haters to come on and just start spewing complete nonsense. Despite the insult towards liberals regarding their aversion to fact, you seem like you're actually trying to approach some sort of rationality: kudos.

I have a question for you, which someone already sort of hit on in an earlier comment. What if there was a comic produced by a person trying to assail those that participate in the "heterosexual lifestyle" as being morally challenged and dangerous, and what if this comic was full of obvious overt hatred partnered with an oversimplification and manipulation of facts used to make its case, and this comic was posted online by someone, and then someone else commented on it and said, "well, what can you really disagree with? I mean, take the bias out, aren't you just left with facts?" This is your point about this comic in regards to its view of homosexuals, am I right?

That is, replace homosexual w/heterosexual (which is a "lifestyle" that you can pretty much make the same statements about as were made in this comic, if you want to focus on a specific segment of the heterosexual population--just like this comic focuses on a specific segment of the homosexual population) in this comic--then what would you say?

I'm interested in hearing your response.

To comment upon your generalization about liberals' aversion towards factual information, I would like to point out the basic "facts" that the comic gets wrong (minus any bias, if you will): someone already mentioned the statement Mr. Hafer puts in his comic about first sexual experiences correlating with one's sexual identification (which made me laugh out loud), and how devout households have less instances of homosexuals.

The basic problem with these assertions is one of confusion over how fact is established. That is, correlation does not equal causation (so, as an aside, I think I can state that the response to your original point is that there are indeed problems with the "facts" presented in the comic). This is basic data analysis/critical thinking stuff. Many liberals--and conservatives--study this in school, especially higher education, and are well able to grasp how this works. Mr. Hafer either did not grasp how this works, or chose to willfully misrepresent the facts to fit his ideology.

However, I won't claim that this implies that "facts are to conservatives as kryptonite is to Superman"--that would be a grotesque generalization, don't you think?

Gravatar JohnW, I must contest another few points you've made:

Gillian - It's pretty clear that people can drift in and out of a homosexual lifestyle. That means that for now the establishment of any homosexual attraction is by choice and not by genetics.

In reality, logic dictates that this does not at all have to be the conclusion. Just because individuals drift in and out of homosexual relationships does not mean there is not a genetic component to individuals' entering into homosexual relationships. It is certainly possible that there are genetic causal factors as well as societal or personal causal factors which contribute to how one experiences sexuality.

But, frankly, I don't really give a crap about this whole nature/nurture debate about homosexuality; in reality it is a red herring, having little to do with the validity of homosexuality one way or the other.

As far as studies about diseases and homosexuals, I know for a fact that there have been recently (for example) higher incidences of syphilis among homosexuals in areas of NYC. What of it? What does this make you conclude? That homosexuals are somehow more dangerous to society? Or that there needs to be better dissemination (nyuck nyuck nyuck) of information within the gay community in NYC relating to how to prevent getting syphilis? Is it possible to conceive of a reality where young gay men are so terrified of getting hated on and beat up--precisely because of the kind of poisonous speech in this comic--where they engage in more dangerous behaviors, and have less access to care and education than other individuals? I believe so.

We can debate about the "facts" of the comic but the real fact is that, in this case, the medium is the message: the ideology is primary in Mr. Hafer's comic, and fact lies subordinate to that ideology. There are no two ways about it, JohnW.

Gravatar comment via Metafilter

lol at the guy in the 'letters' section asking which part of this isn't actually fact.

Gravatar Hi DD, Thanks for the Kudos and my complements as well to you for lifting the debate level while providing light, not just heat.

Do I believe that this rag is chocked full of factoids everyone should rely on? No. It barely rises to the level of a Jack Chick comic strip (look up reference if needed dear reader) Neither it is filled with 100% pure, unadulterated nonsense either. I do hope that people at least ask questions that go beyond the shallow surface of this comic. Is a gay lifestyle the best choice for a person? Are there risks, both mental and phyical, that are found in greater measure in a homosexual lifestyle versus a hetero lifestyle? If you switch "homo" for "hetero" throughout this cartoon do the same outcomes result? If so, is it normative behavior within that community, or abberational? When someone paints with such a wide brush like this you miss what may be some reasonable issues to consider. I don't want to Godwin this whole thread, but it's been proven in the past that if you don't read what a "bombthrower" is writing, you can really miss some important (as well as dangerous) things.

I should have said facts are to a flamethrower as kryptonite is to superman. My regrets.

Gravatar "So far if you re-read I have not passed judgement on anyones personal decisions so the "what people do in private" argument is an EPIC FAIL."

1) use of EPIC FAIL automatically identifies you as a kid. Nice hijack of thread, however. But I thought your S&M bit insisted on NO CAPS.

2) This comic book is a hate piece, clear and simple, and it's only because gays are so damn nice that you're not being booted out for being such a daft twit. Trying to give academic clearance to something like this is like trying to sift through a piece of puke for the miniscule pieces of salvageable chicken. As Freud said, sometimes an attempt at Comic Book Lynching is Just a Comic Book Lynching.

The bits about getting head did turn me on, though!

Gravatar This comic was laugh-out-loud funny, and there's a lot of misinformation and hate speech in it, but I am guessing that opposition to the "facts" of gay sex acts lies at the core of opposition to homosexuality (it couldn't be an aversion to interior design, could it?) So, I must mention that every single "gay" sex act described in this comic is also practiced daily by millions, and millions, of exclusively heterosexual people all over this world. Kissing, fellatio, anal intercourse (by straight men on straight women, and by straight women on straight men), analingus, penetration with toys, anonymous sex, golden showers, sex for money, fisting, extreme (and not extreme) S & M, all this and more, is practiced daily by millions of heterosexuals all over this world. I mean that. Millions. In fact, some are committed on orders of magnitude by more heterosexuals than homosexuals. There are well over 6 billion people on earth, and if less than one percent of adults engage in non-vanilla sex, that's still thirty million or so heterosexuals doing all this, and more, every single day! Those are "facts". I could write a heterosexual-bashing comic based on those "facts".

Or, what if I were to publish a hate comic about American sex for selected Saudi readership, or Pakistani sex for selected Indian readership, or Danish sex for selected Syrian readership, and assert that the heathens we hate are getting up to this stuff. Would my "facts" be correct? Would "tone" matter? Would it be an honorable thing to publish it? Would it help if I had a Muslim (or Christian) (or whatever) friend to refer to in conversation and soften my argument? What would my objective be in citing such "facts"? And, would it make the behavior immoral anyway?

Gravatar I'm reasonably certain that the walls of the anus are more than one cell thick, considering that most people don't tear their anuses wide open every time they take a dump.

Also, I fail to see how sperm is damaging to the immune system.

Gravatar "Not only are their habits disgusting, but they are incredibly harmful and damaging! Such as? KISSING. UGH!!" Page 16
Are you kidding me? I have never read a more ignorant piece of BS in my life. This poor man who wrote this did he never kiss anyone guy or gal? My sexuality is my choice but I have nothing against someone who chooses something different. Whats scary is people still believe things like this to this day.
Sperm harmful to the Immune system?
A perverted Sex Addiction?
I like how the hetero sex illustration shows a couple KISSING and the homosexual couple is censored.
Whats not true? 99% of this comic. And the other 1% is misrepresented. It makes me sad that people cant respect and love each other. Instead their too busy hating and hurting themselves and everyone around them. Excuse me while I go perform some perverted sex acts like kissing the love of my life. As much as I hate what this man wrote and no doubt convinced people to believe his lies. I feel sorry for him his life must of been filled with such guilt for being a sexual being.

Remember everytime you see a rainbow God is having GAY SEX.

I hope things like his will be saved and shown so that this lifestyle of hate will end.

Peace and Love for All.

Gravatar The sperm-as-harmful-to-the-immune-system thing was an old, long-since discredited theory about the cause of AIDS, from before HIV was discovered. Now, HIV was discovered in 1983, so even in 1986 when this comic was published, that theory was known to be false.

Gravatar Asdav, well said!

Gravatar As a straight female, I love fellatio and kissing and... dare I say it... anal sex! Oh, and S&M, too. All of these awful, disgusting things that should keep me from getting a food handler's permit.

But at least I don't play with carrots! Heh heh.

I would love to see vaginal sex described by this guy.

"Heterosexuals engage in vaginal sex, that's where a man sticks his penis in a woman's vagina, she also SECRETES (EWWW!!!) a lubricant fluid, and he goes in and out, in and out, until finally he spurts disease-ridden seminal fluid near her cervix (show picture of cervix). Men even do this with underage girls and prostitutes!

This happens in the same place as the birth canal, where little, innocent angels descend from heaven!! How could this happen there?! You straight people should be ashamed."


Gravatar if you hate what he says so much why did you read to the end?

as for me i'm an illiterate with a big wooden spoon

Gravatar "Put aside any personal beliefs about the subject first. Then put aside the rough writing and slanted tone."

This is unlikely to happen, let's face it. People react emotionally to tone, and the tone of this comic is in the gutter where it isn't out-and-out lunacy. The guy does his argument no good at all by treating kissing as a dangerous act, for example. (Or is it that it's only dangerous when gays do it?)

Like it or not, the topic of this thread is homophobia, not homosexuality. No-one is required to justify their life-style to you, JohnW. If you really want to know about gays, you should try asking your questions when emotions haven't been stoked up by the kind of nastiness evident in this comic. Asking raionally fo everyone to put their emotions aside isn't going to work, and is kind of insulting. It's as though you're dismissing the hurt this trash makes people feel as somehow unimportant.

Before I sign off, I think I should point out that there are shades of grey in heretibility, it's not an either/or situation for a lot of characteristics. Take height, for example. Tall parents tend to have tall children and short parents, short children, but height is also influenced by diet: children on a poor diet grow less tall than children who eat well.

As it is with height, so it is with sexual orientation: twin and sibling studies show there to be a genetic component _and_ an environmental component to the trait. It isn't as simple as either "I was born that way" or "My parents made me a homosexual". Note that if you invert the statistics given in the comic, 4% of those whose first experience is heterosexual don't become heterosexuals. What does that say about Nature vs Nurture?

Gravatar It looks like the writer of this book got his data from The Gay Report by Karla Kay and Allen Young which was published in 1979. This book used incorrect surveying methods which resulted in participation bias. I hope as time passes that more and more people will realise that I (and others) am not experiencing delusion when I fall in love with a guy.

Gravatar Wow, you really have the good Christian lifestyle down. Do unto other, love thy neighbor, all that. Way to go, I'm sure God is impressed.

Gravatar I'm chafing!

Gravatar Sandwich Man, do they not say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Gravatar John W- no one else has said it so I will.

What sort of a rump haberdashery joins a conversation mocking a comic where "FAGS" is presented as a legit term for homosexual men, and asks got a refutation of the "facts" therein?

The fact is this comic is offensive to the point of hilarious. If you don't get that? DIAF, prick.

No, do that anyway.

Gravatar Well, for one JohnW, lebsians are considered homosexual too and just so happen to have the lowest STD contraction rates out there. That's taking into account even the heterosexuals.

A lot of the practices listed in the tract are things not unique to the "homosexual lifestyle" but have more to do with those who like masochism and extreme sex on both sides of the fence.

Are you honestly going to tell us that you had NO IDEA that straight people liked to be fisted? Or that they also tie each other up?

Most of the stuff exampled in this tract have little to do with whether a person is gay or not, but about a person's sexual proclivities -- gay or straight.

So, in that sense, much of this tract lies by omission. But, I'm sure, Dick's message wouldn't have been nearly as hard-hitting had he included heterosexuals as the "culprits".

I propose, if he were still alive, he modify that lifecycle diagram by adding the lifecycle of barren women or infertile men. Or that he more accurately display the diversity of lifestyles of gay people by including a diagram depicting with more accuracy the fact that gay people have/adopt children all the time and that gay families exist everywhere even if their unions are not currently recognized by law.

Gravatar I don't get this "drift in and out of a homosexual lifestyle" JohnW mentions above. Does that mean occasionally fucking women and occasionally fucking men?

JohnW, that's called being bisexual, not homosexual, and not heterosexual.

Gay and straight aren't the only options.

Gravatar I don't understand the presence of the curly haired gay guy at all, like in the bottom left of page 35. Most gay men I know are far better dressed than I am. Why does he look like Dorothy from the Golden Girls wearing a Third Reich uniform?

Also, on page 52, I assume the implication is that he is throwing up into the trash can, but I didn't get that the first time; it just looked like he was puzzlingly screaming into the mailbox.

Gravatar If you don't get that? DIAF, prick.

Saint Savin - I'm all for attacking the guy for thinking different than you and everything, but telling him to die in a fire is a little overhanded.

Gravatar John W: It's really simple; homosexual (your preferred word) people are as diverse as any other group of people. I seriously doubt that there are many, or possibly any homosexual men who participate in all of the things depicted in this comic. Sexuality is a weird and wonderful thing: the gender of the object of attraction is the tip on the iceberg.
So: do gay men do everything in the comic? No. Are those activities exclusive to homosexual men? No. Both are implied, quite unreasonably. So, when assembling your 'facts', I sincerely hope you have the intelligence to see the rich and complex world for what it is, rather than compartmentalizing it into simplistic notions such as heterosexual (normal) vs homosexual (perverted). Your facts ARE like kryptonite to me, when they are so grossly distorted that one cant have a vaguely meaningful discussion.

Gravatar New Dick Hafer item on the site:
MAGICAL MIKE: The True Story of Michael Dukakis

1988 smear comic endorsed by GOP and Jerry Falwell. Combines Hafer's opinions on gays with abortion, war, and blacks. A must read for the Hafer aficionado, and anyone interested in smear politics.

Note: This is not part two of Dick Hafer was an Asshole. That is upcoming. This is it's own supplemental item.

Gravatar John, the so-called "facts" in this comic book are almost completely taken from the false "science" of Paul Cameron, a virulent bigot and all-around disgusting excuse for a human being. He was thrown out of the APA and completely disowned by the scientific community over 20 years ago. No one takes him seriously except those who share his political and religious views. His "studies" have been the backbone of the Right Wing's "scientific" arsenal in the fight against LGBT equality for over 25 years. They're not concerned with fact, only superficially convincing propaganda.

Anyway, all you need to understand is that the sex lives of LGBT people are as varied as the sex lives of Straight people. Not even all Gay or Bisexual men are interested in anal sex. But there are a multitude if Straight people who are. Just as there are a vast number of Straight people who are into oral, BDSM, fisting, cross dressing, anonymous sex, etc. Let's not forget the deviant Straights who dare to practice...kissing!

About it being a choice: it's not. No one ever "chooses" who to be attracted to. We can only choose whether or not to act on it.

Yes, some people go through "phases" in which they have sex with one sex or another but that doesn't mean that they "chose" to be attracted to them. Sexuality, like gender, can flucuate. Conscious decision does not occur with regards that.

About HIV/AIDS rates: it has much more to with being a member of a minority than with being LGBT. African-Americans and Hispanics have a high infection rate, too. In fact, the group with the highest infection rate is African-American women. Does this mean it's "dangerous" or a "bad choice" to be an African-American woman? No! What it means is that disadvantaged groups are the most in need of health care, education, freely available protection and other social services. We are also in need of cultural dialogue.

Besides, there are far more Straight people who are living with HIV/AIDS. We are far past the stage of pretending that this some sort of "Gay disease". It isn't. HIV/AIDS has no political, religious or social agenda. It wants everybody.

Gravatar Clear the biggest 'factual error' in this is in implying (actually fairly expressly stating) that gay men engage in all these practices, and do so exclusively. Hell, I've done a fair few of the things listed with female partners (no lightbulbs, although some of those CFLs look pretty appealing).

Also the most offensive idea overall is that homosexuals do nothing except have sex and find ways to have more sex. That's just stupid and offensive.

Homosexuality is not explicitly related to sexual activity. I am heterosexual, even if I've not actually had sex for months.

Gravatar Wow this dood is OBSESSED with homosexuality; I mean really; it seemed all aspects of homosexuality CONSUMED him.. as a straight person I am shocked he was this obsessed lol... I think the dood prolly was gay and hated himself so projected his thoughts; desires; attractions onto other; I think hes the person in the book

Gravatar 69th comment! 69! All the time!

Gravatar To It's me!: LOL

Gravatar This is what I've been missing? Sign me up! I used to love playing handball in elementary school.

Gravatar I present the more accurate Heterosexual Life-Cyle..


Gravatar This reminded me - in my senior year of high school, 1979, in San Leandro CA (just south of Oakland), a social studies class I was in had a guest lecturer from the city's Police Department. The part of his presentation I remember was when he stated - without equivocation or modifier - that 90% of all sexual molestation of children was done by homosexual men. I somehow managed to work up my courage to ask if we had somehow misheard that, or perhaps he had left something out - but no, he stuck with that figure.

Don't know how many of my classmates bought that bit of blather.

Gravatar I'm surprised no one has made a Larry Craig joke yet, regarding the stall sex panel on this page

Gravatar Hey, Chester is right, Those f-gs do have their own F-ing school!!

But that's 2003. How was he reading a paper from 17 years in the future?

Gravatar Hahahahaha! Oh no! Not fellatio! Not saliva exchange! Those horrible sodomites!

Gawd, the guy who wrote this had to be gayer than a two dollar bill. Denial is a powerful thing.

Gravatar I just could be one of the oldest to be reading these comments, remembering the brother in our 1962 all male high school health class psyching us with the statement that those who masturbate have hair growing in the palms of their hands (and yes, most looked!!!).
In the 70's I heard a great priest/psychologist explain sexuality as homosexuality and heterosexuality being opposites with most people's sexuality vacilating between the two. It still makes sense to me, and makes the comic at issue so completely inane and degrading as to simply be another example of stereotyping and pigeonholing people which I abhor.

Gravatar this may be the best book i've ever read. perhaps now people will understand what is wrong with homo's

Gravatar unbelievable! a man completely obsessed by gays. he must have spent all his waking hours focused on the horror of it all. he spent more time with gays in his head than most gays probably. i pity him and think he's vile at the same time.


Gravatar Dan says: this may be the best book i've ever read. perhaps now people will understand what is wrong with homo's

... Homo's what? What does Homo have that is so wrong? His car? Don't leave us hanging here!

Gravatar The absolute best part? Heterosexuals are born and then procreate. Evil homosexuals are born and have sex and have sex and have sex, and then get a job as a hairdresser so they can afford to have more sex! :D Awesome timeline Dick Hater, I mean, Hafer.

Gravatar along with what everyone else has said, i love that a hetero's lifeline includes making all kinds of contributions to society, while a gay person's is all sex and finding money for more sex. then on another page it lists the occupations of a bunch of gay men caught in a raid--such absolutely contribution-less scoundrels as pastors, businessmen, and military officers. what kind of a dipshit would join the military or clergy as a means to financially support his dick-sucking habit? or even...KISSING!! UGH!

Gravatar p.s. i remember, back in the younger days of the internet, finding a website similar to this comic, purportedly exposing the degeneracy of gays. among its suspiciously detailed and researched examples, it actually had an entire page full of uncensored scat porn. you know, for educational purposes.

Gravatar I love the fact that the homosexuals have a lot of sex (seen as it's sex life, sex life, more sex life, STILL more sex life, still more... oh you get the idea, work - to get money for more sex life, yet more sex life and then too old for sex life). So heteorosexuals don't have a sex life? Aaaaaaawww... Bummer And what about the bisexuals? :P

Oh hai, bright eyes.. ^^

Gravatar It's just precious how everybody with a really horrible stereotype of gay people has that one gay person he met that one time without vomiting like a Dick Hafer character to offer him credibility.

Go ask your gay "friend" if you're friends. Seriously.

Gravatar Ummm... does this mean Dick is okay with lesbians?
I mean I don't see any in this comic. (Seriously were are they?)

Gravatar Methinks the Hafer doth protest too much.

Gravatar He went into too much detail but he does bring up the "gay pride" and "gay rights" bullshit that people have been brainwashed by. Gays have the same rights as everyone else despite their lies. Gays want to do that sort of thing? Fine, go ahead I don't care. But it keep it to yourself and out of public eye.

Gravatar This is sickening! Are you REALLY telling me Dick Hafer hasn't had anal sex EVER?? Poor Mrs. Hafer!!!

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