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Thumbnails of all 426 panels posted below as one filmstrip, scroll down

Images 00 and 01 through 75 added March 2007
Images 76 through 125 added April 2007
Images 126 through 200
added May 2007
Images 201 through 325
added June 2007


Images 326 through 426

Jump ahead to image # 25 - 50 - 75 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 175 - 200 - 225 - 250 - 275 - 300 - 325 - 350 - 400 - 425

new animated loops/avatars:

Shown above:

from Poodle Frames 422 through 426

Bob's Big Boy Thinking on the Body of Poodle
from Poodle Frames 192 through 198

Condoleeza ATTACKS!!!
from Poodle Frames 332 through 354

Curtain Call
from Poodle Frames 320 through 331

and the White House Turd Series:
one - two - three and four
from Poodle Frames 390 through 426

previous animated loops:

President Ronald Reagan Snaps Up from the Grave
from Poodle Frames 145 through 159

Ronald Reagan Vibrating Head
from Poodle Frames 152 and 154

Reagan Snapping Up and Down
from Poodle Frames 148 through 175

Condoleeza Rice's Face Sat Upon Repeatedly by a Large Man's Ass
from Poodle Frames 32-37

George and Linda's Heads Chopped Off by a Chainsaw

from Poodle Frames 77-91


from Poodle Frames 113 through 123

from Poodle Frames 125 through 135

from Poodle Frames 135 through 146

What is this?
A posting of all 1800+ still images used in the Poodle Film, along with animated gifs of key sequences - all for use in your own individual playing of the Poodle Game, i.e. Poodle Samizdat. (See also Two Poodle Cartoons)

We'll be posting about 25-100 images or so at a time, along with looping animated gifs. These images and loops will be released in the sequence that they were created. Please feel free to use these in your own Poodle games.

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Here is the first 200 images (scroll down) - But first, to demonstrate what we mean by animated gifs, here is a loop of Bush on the head of the Poodle, barking at a passing UFO. These are made from Poodle Panels 9-25:

Loop #001: UFO passing in only one direction

and Loop #002: UFO passing back and forth

Here are the first 200 images.
Click on a thumbnail to get a full sized image:

first with the original poodle

and then:

click on an image for a full size version

For August - We begin a Page Two of thumbnails

Notes for creating Poodle games for Broadcast:

Poodle images are created in standard video size - 640x480 - while this is not HDTV video resolution it is standard size for making basic video for display on any television set, or for making web video*. It's also a very manageable image size for sending images back and forth through email.

* - half size of these being the web standard of 320x240


Poodle Cartoons are created entirely from still frames from playing Poodle - with no additional animation software. It's all done one frame of animation, or turn, at a time. What you see when you watch Poodle is about 2000 images dumped into a video editing program, with each image set to about four frames of film, or a sixth of a second in duration. You can make one too.

You'll find in your own games of Poodle (link to game ball) that to even make a one-minute-long piece can become a long process, but the rewards are uniquely satisfying - you can't rush it - you have to wait for responses from the other players; the final product will reflect the time you spend in theme and tone, waiting, etc, similar to how your moods change month by month, year to year, etc. This will be reflected in the differences of the artwork made at the beginning, middle and end of the piece.

Poodle is a conversation as much as it is a game. As is the end result. All that's required for a rich and rewarding game of Poodle is that the two (or more) players have something worth discussing.

Knowing ahead of time that the images should animate together in some way focuses the way you pass images back and forth. A benefit to doing things frame by frame is you can hide filthy jokes, slogans and images in separate frames.

In your own playing: Don't stress individual frames. Pay attention to how some "passes" back and forth of the image is often just as simple as continuing the animation started by the other player; akin to following another musician when they're leading — and leading on your own when a phrase is finished.

Expect your first passes back and forth to be choppy. As an example, here's a very busy loop of the beginning sequence:

Good Luck!

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