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Location Date Link to PDF Notes
NYC08/1968 New Item:
Issue 06
(Volume 2)


The BEST COVER of all the Other Scenes covers. This wraparound fold-out collage of a black man in an American flag g-string, staring intently at a white woman with her hands held up in bondage, amidst a Vietnam bombed out background. You just have to see it. A wonderful success of symbols and composition. To make this even better, art credit is Philip Proctor of The Firesign Theater. Look how little blue ink was used! Perfect way to pay for that spot color. Most surviving copies of this one either show thumb tacks from being used as a poster or sharp fold lines indicating discretely being hidden on the shelf. Show it or don't, both ideas work!

It's interesting to see how O.S. is developing into kind of a mixtape for old pieces and new ones, as John seems to like filling space (or remixing space) with previously printed content (often in new colored ink) from previous issues. There's tons of new art and writing here, as well as some repeats from Skunk-Kender, Tuli Kupferberg, and others. (Some new Tuli here, too - Look for the Fugs songs, and new Skunk-Kender, too, look for NYC) - A wonderful array of visual treats inside this issue. Very clearly prepared BEFORE the DNC riots of August 1968, this September issue is somewhat missing the elephant in the room (sure to be addressed next issue - though the first page article on THEY CALL THEM SUPER PIGS was likely thrown in right on the deadline to speak of DNC...)

But not being completely topical to that moment, this issue is less dated or attached to a moment. Just a thrilling array of ideas on every page. Wild energy here. Spot the Enoch Powell poster. Top hits: CYBERNETIC SERENDIPITY, on early computer-produced art (Page 17) and SPEND A DAY IN THE SOVIET UNION (Page 23).
NYC03/1968 Issue 01
(Volume 2)
Huge Counterculture item on Page 10: CONVENTIONAL CHAOS "Discussing the Youth International Party's forthcoming Youth Festival at this summer's Chicago Democratic Convention" - with Paul Krassner, Jerry Rubin, and Abbie Hoffman. - If you've read the John Wilcock comic book, you will recognize this scene from the Yippie segments with John interviewing each activist prior to leaving to Chicago. The article in this issue is the transcript of that event. Hot ticket item.

First authentic issue of OTHER SCENES in its fully formed design. Stated "First Issue" on the cover with "New York Seer" and a nice credit to John himself in the logo (John Wilcock's Other Scenes), this is a bold redesign of OTHER SCENES from a mailed newsletter to a tabloid sheet suitable for newsstands - increasing the print run from 1,000 to 20,000. Note the personal note, with photo of John and Amber, on page two. Great tribute to John on the same page by Nat Freeland. Whole issue is a joy to read. Timothy Leary on LSD and spot the hidden Ed Ruscha logo on page 14.


Finally: "On March 2, Hermann Nitsch is giving a performance at Cinematheque. He call his Action Events "O.M. Theatre", the O.M stands for Orgy-Mystery."
NYC05/1968 Issue 02-A
(Volume 2)
One of my favorite Other Scenes covers of the black and white era, this second issue of the new format (sub-named THE NEW YORK SEER) has a Warhol collectible: A Billy Name cover - two women in a bathtub! (One of them looks like Viva) Inside is a wealth of cool clipart and design. Editorially, a further jump ahead in terms of politics, now including Civil Rights in a rather direct way (see article on Malcolm X, MLK, and Eartha Kitt by Hakim Jamal) - Also: Draft Dodging, Nudity, Pot Politics. Tuli Kupferberg's "Yiggers, Blonkies & Crackers" opens with: "I write this after the assassination of Dr. King" - 'Nuff said.

Easter Egg Hunt: Find the John Furnival spinning pentagon, aka "Devil Trap", hidden within.

Great backpage coupon ad with rubber eyeball squeezed by a large hand. Other Scenes goes on tour!
NYC05/1968 Issue 02-B
(Volume 2)
Note this additional item, which reprints three pages from Issue Two, into their own digest on Taylor Mead.

Man, the art credits just keep piling up here. Photos of Mead by John Chamberlain, "Black Flower" by jazz poet Ted Joans and the only page unique to this issue: a Hershey decorated back cover by Fluxus artist Al Hansen.

Tons of creative energy happening on these pages!
NYC06/1968 Issue 03
(Volume 2)


Nice and prominent Black Panther logo on the front cover with a letter column opening up on rape, followed by a letter with the ingredients of a molotov cocktail - all add up to this issue likely being found highly entertaining reading for the FBI! (Look for a nice letter on that same page from Jim Haynes) Printmakers will enjoy the infusion of a three color blend technique on the cover. More Panthers material on the inside, with Panther reporting from Marlene Charyn (later Marlene Phillips Lily) following a NSFW Sex Freaks two pager. Awesome comics page by Martin Sharp: MY NAME IS NORMAN NORMAL! and GOD BLESS TINY TIM: An appreciation by Bob Garcia


Oh boy what a find: "WHAT TO DO UNTIL THE WORLD ENDS OR HOW TO SURVIVE WITHOUT ACTUALLY DYING" by co-founder of Discordianism, Kerry Thornley! Thornley provides these tips and more: "The economics of chaos are centered around the idea of self-sufficency ... A houseboat is a good bet ... There is lots of land in Canada ... (and) start a clandestine communication net." - Roger, that!

Venice, Italy (and NYC)07/1968 Issue 04
(Volume 2)


A jump to Italy to report on the Venice Biennale. Hops off with a delightfully staged Shunk-Kender cover - in purple ink! (Has a purple S-K on the back cover, as well - I love the storytelling and staging of props in their photos) Readability might be an issue for some with color sensitivity, as page two is printed in green ink, page three in blue, page four in red, etc. You have to enjoy the lede on Blue Page 2, though: "It is clear that America must be destroyed. There is no other way." in a piece titled LOOK OUT, WHITEY! BLACK POWER'S GON' GET YOUR MAMA! (I love it) by Julius Lester - Be sure to spot the Uncle Sam art in the right bottom corner.

The first red ink page is a spirited collage of Big Brother watches, scissors, poetry, and cartoons. And even your own cut-out LENNY BRUCE theater ticket! (likely to satirize people selling their own post-death collectibles)

This issue addresses the interesting challenges of being an American during Vietnam. Would American artists be welcome at the Venice Biennale? Some very interesting perspectives that history actively forgets (look for the red ink page number two) retained herein.


In what could be a small exclusive, John is able to report on the recently fired upon Warhol: "Despite bullets in his head and chest, he'll be fine" - Look for other art news in this issue, including "SEX LIFE OF THE HORNY AMERICAN ARTIST" on page 21 and a pretty delightful Yoko Ono pricelist on page twelve - I want some of those snow recordings!

Personal note: My favorite comic of all time is Michael O'Donoghue and Frank Springer's PHOEBE ZEITGEIST. Note the very rare (I'd never seen) ad for the comic from Grove on page 23! (Looks very likely O'Donoghue wrote it)
NYC08/1968 Issue 05
(Volume 2)


In a year of awesome covers, this is probably the most serene. A sweet nude lady in a green ink pathway of trees. Opens up to a nice stream of consciousness letter from Allen Ginsberg. Four issues ago was COUNTERCULTURE CHAOS which hinted at the August 1968 Democratic National Convention. This issue was published during that month and has a nice PREDICTIONS FOR YIPPIE ACTIVITIES IN CHICAGO page by Ed Sanders on page three. Other Scenes is often forgotten for its role in Yippie organizing: "Remember, we are the life forms. Evolving in our own brain." - Dig it.

A rather sad page titled LETTERS, 64-65 which opens with Barbara Siegel (link, containing 1968 context) writing to book Lenny Bruce for a concert, offering $5000 no questions, so long as Lenny appeared. Others on the same page are curious cameos from John's life - many, like Stan Russell, noted in the John Wilcock comic. All letters speak to John's amicable and connected role in the world at that time.

SPOT THE I'M A lOVER DECAL! Al Aronowitz on the USAF and UFOs (including a very cute illustration, spot the UFO flight path). SPOT THE MINDSUCKER! A nice green and black page on Kenneth Patchen, including NICE DAY FOR A LYNCHING (poem) and followed by a very Tuli page by Tuli Kupferberg on HOW TO THINK LIKE THE POLICE. A second installment of WHAT TO DO UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD, this time by poet Lew Welch!

Numerous pages reprinted from the previous issue on the Venice Biennale, though this time in color inks. A super back page on FACE READING. "The square face ... Many political leaders have square faces, and square heads!"

Location Date Link to PDF Notes
NYC 11/1966

I.R. 59
Advertisement for O.S. in The Village Voice NOV 1966: "ANNOUNCING: OTHER SCENES!" Full page ad in The Village Voice. Scanned from John's surviving camera stat. Perhaps the last agreeable moment between Wilcock and Voice staff. See Ed Fancher message in O.S. #4.
Los Angeles, CA 01/1967

I.R. 59
Issue 01
(Volume 1)
Premiere issue of OTHER SCENES. "FUCK HATE" and "How to Behave at a Sex Party". Printed sheetfed offset with grey/black ink on pink paper. Great beginning.
Los Angeles, CA02/1967

I.R. 60
Issue 02
(Volume 1)
BRIGHT YELLOW PAPER 90 GSM. Contains a "Poem for Warner Stringfellow" by John Sinclair, manager of the hard rocking MC5 and effective anti-racist activist who co-founded The White Panthers. Front cover collage is an uncredited piece by Wilcock's wife, Amber LaMann.
Los Angeles, CA 03/1967

I.R. 59
Issue 03
(Volume 1)
An interesting shift of tone with this issue. More casual discussions. Issue three might be a quiet good way to introduce yourself to this series. Also: "THIS SIGN APPEARED MYSTERIOUSLY OVERNIGHT ON THE EMORYVILLE MUDFLATS IN SAN FRANCISCO BAY"
Los Angeles, CA04/1967-A

I.R. 61
Issue 04
(Volume 1)
Art note: O.S. logo for this issue by legendary letterform artist Ed Ruscha.

Coverage of the first meeting of the Underground Press Syndicate. Large survey of first year of the UPS and available papers in circulation at the time. Odd public airing of conflict with Ed Fancher. Fancher is disowning Wilcock over O.S. #1, Page 2. THIN SKIN, ED.
Los Angeles, CA04/1967-B Issue 05
(Volume 1)

Mis-numbered on print copy as issue #6 - but date and location strongly suggests this is issue number five.
Back Page: "A LOVE-IN INVENTORY" Also: Despite numbering time tunnel (see following issues) this introduces Andy Warhol into Other Scenes with "LA WEEKEND WITH WARHOL" (John pictured with Andy) - Also has another version of an O.S. logo by Ed Ruscha. Actual printed copy is a fold-out of large full print sheet, double-sided, folded into fours. Notes on Wilcock's run on LAFP, which he indicates here as December 66 to March 67.

I.R. 60
Issue 06
(Volume 1)
Highly sought after first appearance of a letter to John by Hunter S Thompson: His tribute to Lionel Olay.

Making this all the more difficult to find, this is one of four issues collected as one sixteen page issue. Subscribers were sent issues 06 through 09 together in a bundle, folded together. This issue states to be prepared in April but is printed with the May issues.

I.R. 61
Issue 07
(Volume 1)
Contains information about the hypnotic 34-minute film Images d'un Monde Visionnaire by Henri Michaux, embedded below.

Also includes "Some MOMENTOUS MONUMENTS" by Claes Oldenburg
NYC05/1967-C Issue 08
(Volume 1)
"ONE of the reasons why New York is such a bitchy place to live is that it inevitably degrades its citizens to the level of the rudest, most unfeeling specimens. Can you smile and overtip a taxi driver who snarls at you? If you ask for a drink of water and the waitress makes you walk down to the other end of the counter to fetch it can you refrain from breaking the glass? When you have to pay a dime to get into a toilet ip. the Airlines Terminal are you able to leave without taking the toilet roll? And what about when you're driving and the motorist behind you honks? Can you honk the man in front who's holding you up? Maybe I'm just being wistfully sentimental but somehow these problems didn't seem to arise as often in California." - J.W.
Sideways issue with two pages on each landscape oriented side. Featuring "Lenny Bruce in LA" a memory of april 1966, when John had last seen Bruce perform days before being found dead. Sad and poignant. Interesting issue throughout for its mix of comics, commentary on pot and censorship, as well.
NYC05/1967-D Issue 09
(Volume 1)
Interesting art issue, featuring the art of Norman Rubington and "Akbar Del Piombo" - who some claim to be a pseudonym of William S. Burroughs. The two form a collective called OSP, which is described as ORTHOPHONIC SYNTAX PULLULATOR, CORP. - A.D. Piombo provides the text (does seem to match Burroughs style) Rubington provides the art. Cool item, excerpt from "MOONGLOW" (cover art) - Additional information
San Francisco, CA06/1967-A Issue 10-A
in O.S. chronology - unnnumbered

The Life and Loves of Cleopatra

Other Scenes and The Diggers

(Volume 1)
Note: One of many issues marked "June 1967" - Quite a month! Last issue produced in the U.S. before heading to London, and a nice way to leave the country (maybe in a hurry). Really marvelous illustrations of a very pornographic depiction of Cleopatra. Note the statement of purpose on page one. Published by O.S. for The Diggers, the street art collective from San Francisco responsible for some of the more energetic and creative/punk ideas of the 1960s. Read: The Diggers Mystique. Visit the Digger Archives!
London06-1967-B Issue 10-B
in O.S. chronology

Other Scenes and OZ

(Volume 1)
"What acid does is restore the balance of your senses. This can be pretty confusing." - Here we are. Complete stunner of an issue. If you've never read an issue of Other Scenes, this might be a good first issue to try. In a collaboration with OZ Magazine, this issue packs in an amazing array of visual surprises (note the color choices of green ink, orange ink, yellow, pink, etc) - From the letter section alone discussing The Process, on down. A highlight in the entire history of Underground Papers is this 1967 issue of OZ and Other Scenes.

Some rare items mentioned in this issue: Gershon Legman's The Fake Revolt, praise for Seymour Krim by J.W., a profile (with interview) on British photographer Jean Straker (who was harassed for obscenity for his nude photographs), a self-immolation comic panel and numerous others (spot them throughout) by R Cobb, portrait of assemblist artist Daniel Spoerri, profile on anti-psychiatrist R.D. Laing, profile and interview with publishing icon/hero Maurice Giordias, and some very penchant advice: "Avoid crowds unti I you're used to acid." and this piece of truth: "Acid trips are more work than most jobs."

From a piece on Nam Jun Paik in this issue:
"Few artists are using television at present. It is more expensive to work with than film right now. Presumably it can be dangerous without some electronic knowledge. But many artists are making plans for using television, and the cost of videotape recorders is coming down in a hurry. An equipment salesmen here on the West Coast told me there may be a $100 recorder by 1975.

Meanwhile a sort of nightclub in New York has already started using videotape for "underground television." People pay $1.75 to see a private hour videotape. Some of this is described as looking like a "psychedelic 'Today Show'."
Final note: Readers of the Wilcock comic book will want to spot the Jean-Jacques Lebel profile inside here, as well.

Also: in what looks like a UPS reprint from OZ, don't miss Rosetalk (Notes) by Anthony Burgess - awesome!
Greece, by way of NYC09/1967 Issue 11
(Volume 1)

The TA NEA - Giant Foldout Poster Issue
A note from John Wilcock on this issue, from 1967:
Three days ago I got back from London to find my phone cut off, my subtenant absconded without paying the rent and the bathroom ceiling having fallen in. I'd been away for nearly five months and it wasn't exactly an encouraging welcome back to New York. So far this year I've spent only one month here and it doesn't seem likely that I'll be spending too much time here in the future. compared to other cities and other countries, NYC is very near the bottom of the barrel: it's dirty, dangerous, bad-tempered, inhumane, cold and miserable.

In fact the main mystery to me is why, with so many better places to live, so many people choose to go on living here. Fortunntoly we're fast reaching the sort of world where more and more people realize that it's possible to live in more than one place.

OTHER PEOPLE'S HANGUPS: One of the handicaps of running a business (however little I want it to become a business) is that it's sometimes necessary to rely on other people's help -- and other people aren't always as reliable as you anticipate. For example, before I left for Greece I arranged for somebody in New York to put out an issue on Greece, with material that I airmailed to him from Athens. I fulfilled my part of tho bargain: I sent an enormous amount of copy about the new Greek government: conditions in that country, etc. and continued on my way confident that you wouldn't go newsletter-less all summer because you'd bo getting this special Greek issue. Unfortunately, my friend went to California for the summer without lotting me know. So I returned in September to find copy written in June still sitting around untouched. Some of this is now presented to you in thlo belated Greek issue. Sorry for the delay.

Note: TA NEA is the largest newspaper in Athens, Greece. The use of the front side of this issue to be an entire poster with the TA NEA logo can be considered a wry joke - particularly about censorship. Referenced inside the issue, at the time of being printed, all papers in Greece had to be approved DAILY by the government before being printed. (Except this one, that is) This issues is a full press sheet (11x22 inches) and folds out. Contains a lot of coup talk! - The Greek Junta had just begun.

When considering how much content on the back of the sheet is about censorship and freedom of the press, the function of this issue as a wall poster becomes even cooler.
NYC10/1967 Issue 12
(Volume 1)
"Power blackouts in the past few years may have been organized by the CIA to check the FBI's efficiency at combatting internal sabotage, says Thomas De Baggio in his Washington newsletter, Spectrum"
Last issue produced in the U.S. for 1967. (Next stop, Tokyo!) - Fun phrase found inside: "Orgy Butter". Issue is full of many collage elements and appropriated headlines. Good LBJ dollar bill which asks on the backside: "Is this [dollar] worth all the murder and slaughter in Vietnam?" - Contains "How to Start Your Own Newspaper", a great piece of history on print production techniques and distribution methods from that era.
Tokyo12/1967 Issue 13-A
(Volume 1)
A Trip to Tokyo to co-edit Japan's first underground newspaper, SHINJUKU SUTRA.

A peak into the Japanese economy:
The yearly income of the Fumio Amahara family is well above the 1965 average'of $3,986, which places them in Japan's highest income group. In fact, Mr. Amahara's income is over $10,000 a year, which puts his family in the nation's top 1 percent. The family home is a 10-room house in "pure" Japanese style with a landscaped garden plus a lawn that extends about 30 feet beyond the back of the house.
Wilcock heads to Tokyo to help Alexander Besher and T Jackson King's SHINJUKU SUTRA. The first underground paper of Japan. At the time of Wilcock's visit, the paper was only a month old, and Wilcock's contributions (two issues total) will appear here in the archive.
AMERICAN Negro Cecil Roland, long-time Tokyo resident, is cleaning up as a model for ads for a white shirt maker. They pose him in a large wood washtub, or in a straight shot, and the caption (in Japanese) is usually "Pure White!" - Page 11
This first issue from December 1967 completes the first year of publishing for Other Scenes. Quite a collaborative year. Note the use of IBM type throughout, largely produced by John's wife Amber.

Saddest article inside this issue is on the destruction of Frank Lloyd Wright's Hotel Imperial

Check out COOL MURDER, a translation (with images included) of a fun Japanese sex comic by Kazuo Wakui. Wild comic with some really cool art and translated text:
He is not interested in real lovemaking. He can get sexual feeling in Go-Go, psychedelic sound, and zazen. He has a plan of happening, 'Going mad.'
It's mad, baby.
Tokyo01/1968 Issue 13-B
(Volume 1)

Go - Go - Girls - Fun for all
Dance Band with the New Peat!

Second issue of the Other Scenes collaboration with Shinjuku Sutra, the first underground paper of Japan. While issue one (Dec 67) included a lot of John's writing, Wilcock's role in this issue seems to be more editorial and in the background. He is welcomed on the first page but none of the articles indicate a JW byline and a prominent credit on the cover:

This is no ordinary Shinjuku Sutra. This issue was done in confusion with John Wilcock's Other Scenes, an irrational newsletter put out irrationally all over the world. In the past 18 months John has edited EVO (East Village Other), the LA Free Press, OZ (London) and his own paper Other Scenes. Now he has resolved to intensify his notoriety by contorting with us. The readers' comments and conclusions should be kindly kept to themselves.
Cool bookend of two issues with Shinjuku Sutra; one of the more unusual collaborations in the Other Scenes output. Look for a lovely use of red spot color on the interior centerfold.
Los Angeles, CA

(Editorial note: Prepared in Hong Kong, printed and mailed out of California)
01/1968 Issue 14
(Volume 1)


An American Paper for the American People. Begin the Year Well. Be an American.

John returns from Tokyo with a huge trove of Japanese columns and art (including a wedding photo), which decorates this issue. 16 pages, with green spot color, and a bit of cheating on Wilcock's promise for twenty issues a year - This issue is stated to contain one twelve page issue and a single four page issue wrapped within it. Sample news includes: John Lennon's father (50) marrying a nineteen year old girl. Andy Warhol moving Factories. Seymour Krim on Mick Jagger. Great typography with font choices by Amber LaMann.

Main item, "The Pornbroker" a profile by Anthony Haden-Guest of publishing legend, Maurice Girodias. Tons of pornographic manga inside, as well. A few reprinted pieces from the OZ issue, including the pages from Anthony Burgess, and on Nam June Paik. Nice, high spirited issue that suggests things are pretty happy in John's world at the time.

Stockholm, Sweden02/1968 Issue 15
(Volume 1)

Note: This book was published on the occasion of the Andy Warhol exhibition at Moderna Museet in Stockholm February-March 1968.

Final item of the first year of Other Scenes issues. The next issue (Vol 2, Num 1) initiates a huge shift in appearance with the paper. This RARE issue is not insignificant, however: A big item for Warhol collectors, as it was distributed along works of Warhol at an exhibition in Sweden. Front and back cover are uncredited photo collages in the Pop Art style (but don't resemble Warhol - though he is the subject of page one) - The back page reminds me of some of the work of Ron English, albeit fifty years early. (My guess on artist for both back and front cover is Cathe Cozzi, who does the credited cover in the following issue) - As for where this issue of O.S. appeared: Gallery visitors were likely amused/perplexed by the content of this issue, as one might expect an essay on Warhol to be inside. Instead, nicely appropriate and clever, the interior is a two page essay from Wilcock on the role of the gambler and risk taking in society - including cheating. Maybe this was the essay on Warhol, all the same. Very cool four page item. The first Andy Warhol cover (of which there will be a few).

BONUS MATERIALS (Additional Projects, Items of Note, Etc)
Location Date Link to PDF Notes
Canada via NYC07/1955

I.R. 61
Liberty Magazine One year after co-founding The Village Voice, John Wilcock interviewed Marilyn Monroe in New York for Canada's Liberty Magazine. These are scans from John's personal copy of the issue.
NYC1958 ECHO MAGAZINE WFMU has two terrific posts on ECHO MAGAZINE "The Magazine You Play on Your Phonograph!" which John edited and co-produced in 1958. (See Chapter 4 of the Wilcock biography)


TEXASca. 1969

I.R. 59
Diagram of a Drug Abuser Most effective part of this is the word "Drugs" written by an unknown writer in semi-cursive pencil on the top corner. Document NAR-98 from the Texas Dept of Public Safety, Narcotics Division. Reference Item from John's personal collection. LEARN THE SIGNS.

I.R. 61
The Other Scenes Sex Supplement "A Sociological Report on Contemporary California" A selection of sex ads/personals from the Los Angeles Free Press, compiled into a booklet.
NYC, Manhattan Channel Dca. 1975
The John and Joanna Show John was not only one of the earliest Underground Paper publishers, he was also one of the earliest cable access TV personalities. Here is a mailer to his O.S. subscribers for the 'John and Joanna Show' which he co-hosted on Manhattan Cable Channel D with Joanna Walton.

LIST OF NOTABLE WORK FOUND HEREIN (cited as discovered in each new posting)
-- Andy Warhol Items: "LA WEEKEND WITH WARHOL" - Pg 4
CHELSEA GIRLS (film review) - Pg 3
VINYL (film review) - Pg 11
Souvenir Item, Warhol Exhibit
LONESOME COWBOYS (article) - Pg 9
Front cover by Billy Name with Viva
Tribute issue to Taylor Mead
Andy Warhol Shot (recovery) - Pg 19
01 Charles Bukowski, John Buckner, Steve Richmond (Poets collective) Police confiscation of California publication "EARTH ROSE" for printing two word poem: "FUCK HATE" Issue 01 1967
07 Hunter S. Thompson First published appearance of 'The Ultimate Freelancer', Thompson's tribute to Lionel Olay. Issue 07 1967
09 Norman Rubington and "Akbar Del Piombo" — a possible pseudonym for William S. Burroughs? Under the possible pseudonym of Akhbar Del Piombo, WSB may be the writer for ORTHOPHONIC SYNTAX PULLULATOR, CORP in this 1967 excerpt from Olympia Press' MOONGLOW Issue 09 1967
Vol 2, 01 Timothy Leary GOD'S SECRET AGENT A.O.S.3
Leary muses on his favorite Sandozian topic
Page 03
Vol 2, 01 Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner CONVENTIONAL CHAOS - Hugely significant interview with Abbie Jerry and Paul, prior to heading to Chicago for the culture-changing 1968 DNC. Interview by Wilcock. Page 10

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Reintroducing John Wilcock's OTHER SCENES

Hello, rare documents collector! Man, have you found it. That spirited image above is from OTHER SCENES, one of the most radicalized and interesting Underground Newspapers ever to be produced. In the coming months, you'll have access to hundreds of pages of content from this incredible paper, in bi-weekly updates. This is a sequel to The Realist Archive and a companion to John Wilcock, New York Years, a comic book biography (by myself and Scott Marshall) on the rise of the 1960s Underground Press. (OTHER SCENES was John Wilcock's paper)

If you know what OTHER SCENES is, you'll be thrilled, and if you've never heard of it, you're in for an treat.

Considered among the most free thinking, influential, and creative Underground Papers of the 1960s and 1970s (and then, inexplicably, LOST in collective memory as we proceeded to gulp down PEOPLE and TV GUIDE) OTHER SCENES is a lost masterpiece. It was an early publisher of Hunter S Thompson and the only Underground Paper to regularly include contributions of Andy Warhol. This week will share Issue #1 and to remain random, instead of Issue #2, we'll provide Issue #3. This archive will grow as it gets figured out.


POST NUMBER 4: 01/02 2022

Scans and text from Update #4:

Happy New Year! Just getting back into gear on this archive. I have to admit getting the Wilcock book out the door last year and then jumping right into this archive really overwhelmed me. Took a little time off to catch my bearings with things and am happy to jump back on the saddle. This first post is small but gets things back on task. See the scroll above for a piece on the John and Joanna Cable Access show and Echo Magazine. Peace on a good 2022, EP.



New Item: Cable Access Wilcock!

The John and Joanna Show
(Sundays 11:30pm, Manhattan Cable Channel D)

New Item: 1967 - Unknown William S Burroughs?

Under the possible pseudonym of Akhbar Del Piombo, WSB may be the writer for ORTHOPHONIC SYNTAX PULLULATOR, CORP in this 1967 excerpt from Olympia Press' MOONGLOW, with wild art by Norman Rubington

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Scans and text from Update #3:

Liberty Magazine, 1955 (Interview with Marilyn Monroe)
Other Scenes #4, April 1967
Other Scenes #6, May 1967
1973 LAFP Other Scenes Sexual Supplement

Hear the new commentary:

POST NUMBER 2: 10/07 2021

New Update! As I'm determining a frequency, it looks like an update will be every three weeks. Part of this is to fully investigate these issues, which will appear in the commentary portion:

MAIN ITEM: Hunter S Thompson on Lionel Olay (aka the FIRST PRINTING of "The Ultimate Freelancer" which began as a letter to Wilcock, printed here in O.S. Issue #5)

Issue two highlight is "Poem for Warner Stringfellow" by John Sinclair (Chairman of the White Panther Party, Activist, and targeted victim of FBI harassment, receiving a ten year sentence for two sticks of marijuana)

In 1966, Sinclair wrote this piece for Other Scenes, two years before his troubles really accelerated:

BOOK REVIEW SECTION: "Wife Swapping: A Complete 8 Year Survey of Morals in North America" (1967) - Wow, yikes. Remember to tag your wives if you lose them!

Download PDFs for this update: Other Scenes #2 and Other Scenes #5. More soon! (Enjoying figuring out the shape of this space, next update will October 27)

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Included in this installment:

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Audio Commentary (HEAR the actual pages!)

These posts will be referred to as THE OTHER SCENES INVENTORY REPORT. The impetus for this was to provide bonus material in a comic book biography of John Wilcock. (It will still be that, if not moreso) John provided a large stack of material, which we will be going through the inventory each time.

A reminder that all PDFs will have OCR text to copy and search through. I'm looking forward to what google will do with that. Take, for example, this easily overlooked paragraph of a quiet garden party at Aldous Huxley's estate, which John attended, among others:


...the same week that the LA Times carried a report of LBJ's luncheon, I attended a small party on Mulholland Drive at the home of Laura Huxley, widow of Aldous. In addition to Tim Leary and Ralph Metzner, Thaddeus Ashby (founder of an LSD "church" in Mexico) and Alan Watts were present. In fact, "what we have here," a friend remarked, "are the new spiritual leaders of America."

-- John Wilcock, January 1967

I know Leary liked avocados, but I bet Alan Watts brought the best salsa. What an amazingly wild moment in time.

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Thank you.