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note: English is the national language of Grenada. The island is a former British colony.


NEW! 1947 JOHNNY SURGE Comic Book

Here's a wonderfully wayward comic I doubt you've seen or heard about. We'll all be drinking plenty of milk over the next few months and "The Story of Johnny Surge" tells the story of Johnny, a teat-clip that gave comfort to the udders of countless cows. Just look at how delighted and giddy those girls up there are, "No crawling" indeed. Absolutely nothing unintentionally sexual or perverted here at all. Click to read.

Upcoming Holiday updates:

November 21 - THE RECOVERY OF CHARLIE PICKLE issue one
now available - click here

December 15 - A Surprise Holiday Gift from us to you. ???. Yes, Stay tuned.

Thanks and Happy Holidays - Ethan

- Cornball Grampa Joker sez' Johnny Surge Udderly Hilarious -

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1966 HOOKED! comic book
Drugs, marijuana, heroin, pills, prostitution, etc. Extremely graphic government produced comic about heroin addiction. Odd unknown item handed out -exclusively- at methadone clinics in NYC to recovering heroin addicts. Read it all here, scanned from one of the only five known surviving copies. Adding to the intrigue is art from the comic has now been identified as being appropriated in the the wildly perverse and influential 1960s book of insanity, the Principia Discordia.

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Dr. Fredric Wertham's Blog
Welcome our new columnist, updated daily.

Featured Magazine:

Our new ongoing series. Newspaper comic strip characters tell us about poison and what not to drink when we're pregnant. Also, how many cigarettes it takes to give cancer to a caged bunny rabbit - and SEX SEX SEX. Many jokes to choose from, many more on the way. Four issues currently available.

And finally:


NEW! 1951 TRAPPED! comic book
I swear I couldn't make up these titles for heroin comics. First it was Hooked! and now it's Trapped!. What's next? Slapped? Smacked? Only time will tell. But this is a nice one handed out to Columbia College students, and even referenced in the Seduction of the Innocent. Originally reprinted in the REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS trade paperback put out in the 80s but here it is for you for the first time ever in color, and scanned in from an existing copy. Did you know Columbia College students were shooting up heroin in 1951? I didn't. Easily one of the most unexpectedly gruesome and bizarre anti-drug comics ever made. "I need a Bang and quick!"



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SPREE: An Escape from Reality
Completed and now available for you, please distribute.

previous Horse recordings
SNAP!, I Stayed Home, Hypnotism, other earlier work


These items cost a little money to check out:

SKATING SKILLS - fun and very corny 1950s comic book about roller skating instruction, with two mp3s of authentic vintage organ music played in actual skating rinks of that era. (available for immediate download, click for more information)

The Pogostick (in print - $4.95)
A collaboration with Al Columbia.
Two issues currently available. To get them, click this link and type 'pogostick' into the search box, or call Fantagraphics Books directly at 1-800-657-1100. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a look at the cover to the second issue.

The Bush Junta (in print - $18.95)
Contributed two pieces to this, one on John Ashcroft, the other on the PATRIOT Act - a marvelous assortment of political comics, focusing specifically on the Bush Administration. Originally published as a pre-election primer, now holds even more alarm and potency as a reminder of the crooks and thieves running the country. Follows the entire timeline of events from as far back as Bush's direct links to Nazi bank funds, etc. Click the link above to pick up a copy on Amazon. Sometimes copies show up there for as cheap as ten dollars. Front and back covers to the book by Steve Brodner and Ralph Steadman.
More information found on Fantagraphics' site

A Dog and His Elephant (online - $1.50)
Honeymooners-like drama starring
Frank and Eleanor. 225 pages, many chapters.
Click the link above for more information.

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Pogostick #2