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Hello, and welcome to the second issue of the John Wilcock comic book. This new issue picks up roughly where issue one left off. The cover (below) is a drawing of the resulting cover of Liberty from John's interview with Marilyn, from issue one. And now, here is installment #2 ... a fun one entitled "Co-Founding the Village Voice."

Marilyn Monroe, Cover of Liberty Magazine, July 1955

Contents Page

Moondog and Ammon Hennacy

Steve Allen and Marlene Dietrich

Co-Founding the Village Voice

Co-Founding the Village Voice, pt 2

World War 2

Assembling the first issue of the Village Voice

Norman Mailer drunk on the phone at 4 in the morning.

Steve Allen Tonight Show


An authorized biography of John Wilcock, member of Warhol's Factory and co-founder of the Underground Press Syndicate
Art: Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall | Script: Ethan Persoff | Based on an extensive and ongoing interview with John Wilcock.

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