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by Wesley Critz George, Ph.D. Biologist (1962)

This 1960s government funded report is considered "the last stand" of (pseudo) science-based quack racism in the U.S. South during the civil rights era.

The following is the complete 87 page document, as scanned from a 1962 first edition. Click the page on the right for the next page, or choose from the contents listed below - Apologies and Regards, Ethan P, http://www.ep.tc

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Table of Contents

Some Authorities Cited


I. Are All Babies Approximately Uniform and Equal When They Are Born?

II. The Mechanism of Heredity

III. Are There Fundamental Differences Between the White and Negro Races?
A. Non-Morphological Racial Differences
B. Intelligence Tests
C. Race and Crime

IV. Physical Bases for Intellectual and Behavioral Differences

V. Genetics, Behavior and Breed Differences in Animals
A. The Finding of Stockard and Associates
B. Relation of Morphology to Behavior Traits in Different Breeds of Dogs
C. Physical and Behavioral Disharmonies
D. Corroboration by Others

VI. Inheritence of Intelligence and Behavior in Man
A. The Genetics of Genius
B. The Genetics of Crime
C. The Genetics of Mental Abnormality
D. Other Witnesses to the Heredity Basis for Intelligence and Behavior

VII. Are Racial Differences Hereditary?
A. The Origin of Racial Differences

VIII. Should We Promote Racial Amalgamation?
A. The Historical Record of the Negro Race
B. The "Historical Accident" Explanation
C. The "Hot Climate" Explanation
D. Heredity vs. Environment in Negro History

IX. A Guide to Social Justice and National Greatness

X. The Influence of Franz Boas

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