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1800s Advertisement

with PATENTED "Stop Cock" action!

" The Vaginal Pipe is constructed of the same material and glassy surface as the justly famous ALPHA CATHETERS ... Appreciated by EVERY SENSIBLE WOMAN "


This is a vintage syringe box, which originally stored an Alpha Syringe Fountain

Size No. 4.

The original papers describing the contents are surprisingly intact and legible; the patents for the product are listed under the lid, as is the information which follows:

* Patented: January 4 and January 25, 1887 and April 30, 1889
Brand: Alpha
Manufacturer: Parker, Stearns and Sutton
Location: New York
Patented Feature: Stop Cock (useful!)
Size: Number 4

Box Dimensions: L- 9.75"; W- 5.5"; H- 2.75"; Depth- 1.75"

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